Alp Apartments

What type of alpine experience are you looking for?


Create your own personal scenery while pedalling. Change perspective – you’re on your bike.

city & MTB


Extreme skier or mountain enthusiast. This is your paradise.

sci & snowboard


Culture, shopping and traditional products. A city holiday devoted to flavour.

shopping & relax


Alpine apartments

Our alpine apartments in Aosta
Whether you’re looking for a family flat, a place to store your beloved bike or skis, or the perfect site at the hub of culture and shopping, Alp Apartments® is a true experience. Come and found out about it.

Alpine style

Wood, stone, light: the ancient traditions of the Alps in the Aosta Valley are a question of materials.
The materials used are what make our Apartments® holiday homes stand out from the rest. More than just an apartment. Pure alpine style.

WOOD (that smells good)

Return home. Inhale the wonderful scent of larch wood.

Wood is alive, wise, antique. Over time its colour tones and fragrances vary: it learns, it welcomes. Our apartments emit a thousand woodland tones – for you.

LIGHT (that generates warmth)

Open the windows. Look out at the mountains.

Light is life. It cannot be halted. It has the same power as the energy that animates human beings. Light is drama. It creates ambiences and spaces designed to replenish the mind and the body.

DESIGN (that innovates)

Experience elegant design. Pursue beauty.

Traditional shapes with a modern interpretation exalt your Alp Apartments® experience. Look to the future whilst remaining rooted in tradition.

THE WALLS (that speak)

Look at the walls. They have a story to tell.

Everything speaks of the Alps. Even our logo features the mountains and invites you to live your alpine experience in Aosta.

HANDICRAFT (that tells a story)

Tradichon. Discover the heritage of the Aosta Valley.

Objects associated with the territory help you discover customs and traditions going far back in time. A tatà, a drap, a sculpted cockerel. Small objects loaded with memories.

tourneuve5 / p2

ideale per 4 / 8 persone

tourneuve5 / p1

ideale per 4 / 8 persone


ideal for 4 / 6 persons


ideal for 2 / 4 persons


The City

Aosta will surprise you!

Welcome to the Rome of the Alps. In less than thirty minutes you can reach one of history’s most important treasures – our archaeological heritage. But that’s not all! Board Pila cable car and reach an altitude of 1.800 m. Touch the snow, be enveloped by nature – the view alone is spectacular.